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Acting: At Black Rep, 'Spell #7' Gives Actors A Platform To Challenge Enduring Stereotypes

The street-smart black friend of a white protagonist. The menacing black man. The sassy black woman. 

These stereotypical depictions of black people have filled television, movies and theater productions for years. 

Where do they come from? 

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Acting:'Spell #7' Casts Its Black Magic in Black Rep Production: Theater Review

Story: The large mask of a performer in blackface looms menacingly above the floor at a St. Louis bar frequented by black performers, dancers, singers and musicians. They are welcomed by Lou, a magician who learned his craft from his father and a man who wishes to help his colleagues accept and appreciate their blackness.

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In The News: St. Louis Theater Circle Announces 2020 Nominees

Outstanding Director of a Drama

  • Joanne Gordon, "Indecent," Max & Louie Productions

  • Pamela Reckamp, "The Women of Lockerbie," SATE

  • Ellie Schwetye, "Photograph 51," West End Players Guild

  • Tony Speciale, "Angels in America," Repertory Theatre of St. Louis

  • Jacqueline Thompson, "District Merchants," New Jewish Theatre

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In The News: The Best of St. Louis Theater in 2019

New Jewish Theatre’s powerful presentation of Aaron Posner’s 2016 adaptation smartly combined stellar acting with superior technical work under the expert direction of Jacqueline Thompson.

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In The News: Rooms Where It Happens: St. Louis’s Rising Leaders of Color

Five colleagues I got to know over the past year through TCG’s professional development program, which adds up to more than the sum of its parts.

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In The News: A Passion for Socially Conscious Theater Draws Visionary Awards Honoree Jacqueline Thompson to the Stage

It took Jacqueline Thompson a while to come around to considering the theater as a full-time proposition.

“People think actors are all extroverted and the life of the party, but that’s not my personality,” Thompson says. “I’m an introvert—I can turn on that other side, but being able to find my voice on and off the stage has been something that has been a slow process to come into.”

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In The News: Jacqueline Thompson among 2019 Saint Louis Visionary Award honorees

“It’s no easy thing – and the work can be thankless at times – but it’s worth it,” Jacqueline Thompson said of a director’s life after the actors took their final bow during the run ...

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Directing: ‘Ghost’ Personalizes the Never-Ending Race Between the Good and Bad in the World

The struggles and challenges of growing up poor in a contemporary city are realistically addressed in Metro Theater Company’s compelling “Ghost.” 

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Directing: Actor In Metro Theater's Adaptation Of 'Ghost' Aims To Change Perceptions Of Albinism

As an actor, Ernest Emmanuel Peeples has portrayed a real range of characters — from Hamlet to the Ghost of Christmas Present. But in recent months, one particular theatrical role stands out from the rest: the opportunity to portray Lu, one of the adolescents at the center of Jason Reynolds’ wildly popular young adult novels, one of which is now also a play...

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Directing: MTC’s ‘Ghost’ Lends Space to Urban Black Male Adolescent Experience

With Idris Goodwin’s adaptation of newly appointed National Ambassador for Young People’s Literature Jason Reynold’s award-winning book, “Ghost,” Metro Theater Company (MTC) serves high impact theater requiring a level of stamina rarely seen in a stage production.

David Blake’s well-crafted scenic design that resembles an outdoor track field will give them an idea of what’s in store, but the blurring of lines between sport and drama within this production must be seen to be fully grasped...

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