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Please click here to read  Jacqueline's educational philosophy where she  shares, "Despite being in higher academia today, three core values have always been inherent in my teaching: Individuality, Relationship(I will know your name), and Power."

  To view and download  Jacqueline's CV please click here.


"Combining the talents of University of Missouri–St. Louis student veterans, faculty and staff, and the broader community, the premiere of “Telling: St. Louis” in Grand Center this summer was met with laughter, tears and standing ovations." -Evie Hemphill, UMSL Daily

Click here to view and download Jacqueline's directing resume.


"Jacqueline Thompson anchors the production as the willful Sadie...While Gee’s Bend is a simple story told straightforwardly, Thompson makes it resonate with intelligence and emotional appeal." -Mark Bretz, Ladue News

Visit the press page to read more reviews of Jacqueline's work.  Click here to view and download  Jacqueline's acting resume.

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